A snap captures a shot. Good photography captures the imagination. A great photo library captures a market.



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Business photography matches relevance with quality.

Most people associate the quality of photography with the quality of the company.  The images that depict your products and services should match the promises you make about them.  Good photography is as important as SEO, clarity, readability and user interface. Depicting the results customers expect is at the heart of visual marketing. The eye eats first; where image starts.

Photo Edit of Hotel Demolition, © Copyright, MINT Design, 2015

Interactive before-after makes the point.

Quality in photography requires controlling everything.

Good photography may not always be possible, but it is always preferable, and worth its cost in visual communication. The best images involve more than the next smart phone.  They necessitate controlling the relationship between atmosphere / lighting / web page aspect ratios / subject relevancy / creative content identification / optimization / color saturation / removal of distracting detail / perspective adjustment / composition and contrast / noise reduction / background defocus and many other factors.

Corporate personality adds to a positive image.

In product photography, the presentation is the product.



Please note that all the photographs in this website are original to MINT Design, proprietary and protected by US Copyright laws. Additionally, they are meant to illustrate a variety features and uses offered in our photographic services.  Photography is integral with Graphic Design, and we stand for its value in every respect.

The same point as the above ghosted image can also be placed as an interactive dramatization of before and after photography. In this case demolition shows the need for extremely careful deconstruction because of the close proximity of the adjacent  building. A few of these photographs secure confidence in prospective buyers.

There are a lot of things you can to get recognition. Mundane photos just don't do it. Standing out in a world inundated with advertising messages requires something different.  Satire, humor, conspicuous points get you noticed. Being noticed is the first part of  getting remembered.

Someone once said that, in advertising, color is always worth its cost. Color adds a lot, but when it is combined with the visible influence of focused technology and lighting experience, products take on a life of their own before they are introduced in their market. Successful product introduction is dependent on photographic quality.

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